Hi, I'm Elisa - a creative, curious, passionate person who always wants to learn, know, love more! I'm the kind of person that becomes deeply infatuated with things - like great books, wonderful movies and beautiful art. I feel like they're almost a part of me; it's like an obsession! Maybe you've felt that way too, and that's why you're here on my website! I've always enjoyed making things based on my passions (OK, obsessions), and the more I created, the more I discovered that other people loved my crafts. So in 2016, I decided to channel my creativity, curiosity and passion into The Elisarium. It's a place filled with trinkets and treasures and wondrous things that will capture your heart and your imagination. I handcraft one-of-a-kind accessories and home decor items themed around books, movies, art and people. My pieces transcend trends and truly speak to your soul, because I celebrate the niche, not the normal. I predominantly use vegan materials and experiment with recycled scraps (sometimes real leather or fur). As my brand grows, I'm aiming to become all-out eco-friendly while still crafting quality products. If you don't see anything in my store that gets your heart pumping, you can get in touch with your vision and I'll create you something custom! But don't worry - there won't be any pushy sales talk from me because that's scary, right? xoxo