Our Prevention Policy for Covid-19


Collection of garments from Outwear to Lingerie, mostly handmade by The Elisarium, from new and/or resourced materials and few items have been made with Elisarium designs from Italian's printing companies, with organic and sustainable fabric.

We aim for a transparent, sustainable and ethical production for our garments. The journey's challenging: Full traceability it's still a tricky path in fashion production, not just regarding the fabrics we use, but as well for any other supplies needed for the making of a garment.

We aim to be a greener company as much as we can, from sources to production and packaging, trying to improve our impact and continuing to create handmade products. In our item's description, we will state as much as we know about our products and the material sources we used for it, but keep in mind that we still are a very small brand, we are still developing ourself!

Feel always free to write us a message for extra details about any item or for any suggestion regarding how to improve our green impact.