Analysing Fashion bloggers! - Part 1 of task 1

Workshop task 1, Fashion course

So, as I said into the previous blog post, I m back to college, and from now on I think I will join together my shop blog and my school tasks, basically sharing some of my homework with you!🤷‍♀️😂

First task:
Choose two different fashion blogs/instagram/ Tumblr accounts and analyse them.
Try to discuss:
  • Layout
  • Background
  • Fonts
  • Colour scheme
  • Written content
  • Images used
Are there any elements that you would or wouldn't use in your blog?
Record your finding on your blog.


      So, I don't have Tumblr, and I didn't have any blogger in mind for the task, but I do have Instagram! I use my business account, I do follow more artists and makers but I ve got in mind somebody for the task!



      First Instagram/ blog account to analyse it's 

      “Vintage Vandalizm”

      It seems she's got a blog as well, so I could examine that too. I ve took some screenshots of her Instagram and her website to give a better look of what I am talking.




          The Layout of the website it's a fixed layout, the webpage/site it's the same fixed-sized regardless of the size of the browser window or the size of the font in which the page is written.

          It has a slideshow of Pictures on top, a fixed grid with her collection item's pictures, a briefly third-person BIO and the same kind of grid for her blog's posts at the bottom. The Blog Layout it's fixed as well, it is centre aligned in text and pictures and simple in the design.

          The Instagram account, however, follows the restricted Instagram Layout, but it's quite similar to her collection item's layout.


          Photos are the same between Instagram and Website, but the background changes a lot between one picture and another.

          Usually, many Fashion bloggers decide a kind of main background and follow it: someone sticks on landscapes, building/city, nature/park etc. or colour backgrounds. Vintage vandal differs in that, probably because she is a model too and works in differs projects, but her photos don't have a kind of set background.

          The background of her photos are mainly:
          -Streets, fences and building both modern and antiques
          -Green/plants & flowers, but even deserts and countryside
          -House inside, her bedroom but as well boudoir or vintage-looking livingroom
          -vintage cars, pubs and cafes


          To analyse how she uses fonts, we need to get a look at her website

          I have put together some of the fonts she uses, and for what I can see here she uses serif fonts, simple and neat, for her body text and a mix of script/calligraphic fonts for her'titles.

          Serif + Script fonts are one of the most basic combinations of fonts to use, to give a visual dynamic/Rhythm to your graphic work.


             4.Colour Scheme

          It is effortless to spot the main colour scheme of her website, and it's:
          PINK- mainly used for banners, buttons, header and footer.
          BLACK- For the fonts
          WHITE- For the background
          GREEN- Few dark green accents here and there.
          For the blog section, it's even more accessible, it's B/W, and just the colours of pictures speaks up.


          Because Instagram has a default design, it's a little more challenging to catch schemes of colours, especially for her account. Later Fashion Instagrammers use more a rigid scheme colours for their accounts, and just scrolling down the account you catch the idea. Usually, it's bright pink at the moment!


          For Vintage vandal's accounts, I can notice a predominance of dark colours, mostly black, red and dark green, with few pale pinks and bright yellow and blue. But, as I previously said, she works as a model, so often the colours of photos are random, depending on the different sets.

            5. Images used

          We already had analysed background and colour schemes of the images used, so let's talk about the pictures themselves.

          As a stylist, model and fashion blogger the content of the pictures it's mostly clothing and accessories.

          Most pictures have as a subject her collection brand: retro-inspired clothes from 1920s style to 40's and rockabilly vibes.

          Other subjects are:

          Makeup, accessories as hats and uniques bags and Lingerie.

            6. Are there any elements that you would or wouldn't use in your blog?

          Conclusion of the first half: Vintage Vandals it's a Businesswoman, and there is a lot you can learn from her.

          First elements I could use its consistency; she is consistent with her work and what she does, always on point and rarely out of her field.

          Second: Be professional, never post a sloppy photo to look consistent.

          Third: Style, play with styles and decades, recreate in modern ways, make it pop.


          See you in the next post!


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