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Unit 4: Assignment brief

Unit  Unit 4: Communication through Art & Design
Date issued Thursday 5th March 2020
Hand in deadline Thursday 2nd April 2020


 Purpose of this assignment: This unit aims to develop the breadth and depth of learner's knowledge and understanding of and skills in communication through art and design. Learners will achieve this by studying how practioners use primarily visual imagery to communicate ideas, messages and meaning, and then applying findings to their own ideas.

In the workshops for this unit you have already experimented with 2-dimensional shape using collage, and 3-dimensional form using recycled materials, and you should also have researched an item from the V&A museum.

The theme for this assignment is KIMONO - this can be interpreted in any way you like, as long as you show how your work links to an item on display in the current "Kimono - Kyoto to catwalk" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Scenario: Your design are to be for Spring/Summer 2021, for a company that produces a catwalk collection - see https://www.vogue.co.uk/shows  for ideas.

Task 1:

Research your interpretation of the theme of "KIMONO". Consider the following ways of generating and developing ideas: mind mapping, word association, primary source photography and drawing, internet & book research, making samples and prototypes.

Task 2:

In order to aim your designs at a specific audience, research the target market that you choose - provide evidence of this in the form of images and annotations. You should consider the type of items they manufacture and how they are marketed when designing your garments

Task 3:

Provide evidence of the development of your ideas -  aim to show your journey from your research to your garment designs. You can use ideas from the collage or cardboard workshops if you want to. You should also experiment with different media/processes to find those most suitable for communicating successfully with your intended market.

Task 4:

Sketch/collage at least 12 rough outfit designs -  annotated full figures with front and back wiewsand you should also indicate what colour and fabric you intend them to be. Again, remember to consider what clothing styles/colours/fabrics would be suitable for your market.

Task 5:

Produce a fashion illustration of your final fashion design - minimum size A3. Aim to use illustration styles/ and presentation techniques that would be attractive to your market.

Task 6:

Evaluate your work for this assignement- say how you think your work is suitable for the market you have chosen, and how it represents your theme.


1A. Research into an item in the Kimono exhibition  LINK HERE
1. Research your interpretation of the theme of "KIMONO"
2. Research the target market
3. Evidence of the development of theme/ideas/experimentation LINK HERE
4. At least 12 alternative rough fashion figure sketches of your outfits LINK HERE
5. Fashion illustration of the final design LINK HERE
6. Evaluation LINK HERE

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