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UNIT 12: Task 3 Drawing w/ photoshop, wacom tablet & illustrator

Task 3Produce preparation work for a fashion illustration of your own design, e.g. find templates, produce rough sketches, find and scan textures, download images, practice with and compare Photoshop tools, etc. Aim to show how you can use a wide range of techniques and processes effectively within your work.

I have decided to prepare myself practicing with Wacom tablet and virtual drawing. This because I already exercised with basic Photoshop tools at my previous school. I still used some basic Photoshop action, like clone, cut and copy, selection shapes of fabrics etc for the task.

I have practice trying to replicated some illustrations and style of one of the fashion illustrators I have researched for task 2, Jenny Walton.

Actually I am really happy with the result! This was all made with Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet, just looking at illustrations, from my phone, not retracing them; so slightly different, unique again in a sense!

After this exercise, I started working at the real project. I have connected again UNIT 1 AND 12 and digitally developed one of the illustration made for unit 1, the final one, actually.

I wanted to see how much I can improve the handmade one and it was a good base for this unit exercise.

So, here is the original illustration or in this case my template and my rough sketches.

This was the process of my work on Illustrator in few screenshots.

Then my work moved into task 4 of unit one and I have continued my artwork on Photoshop and mounted a virtual frame for it.



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