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UNIT 12: COMPUTERS in Art & Design

Assignment brief

 Qualification 90- Credit Diploma/Subsidiary Diploma in Art & Design (Fashion)
Unit number and title UNIT 12: Computers in Art & Design
Date issued 27/11/19
Hand in deadline 1.30 pm 08/01/20
Purpose of this assignment: This unit will enable learners to develop skills and understanding of the use of computers in art and design.They will research existing applications of computers use, and develop creative responses throughout their own study and production of computer-based art and design work.


Scenario During the workshops you have investigated the work of other fashion practitionars- bloggers, Instagram Stylists, illustrators, etc., and learnt basic Photoshop skills. You should also have started a blog to record your work for this unit.

All of the following evidence should be recorded on your blog, apart from the final fashion illustration which should be printed out and mounted up. It is your responsibility to make sure that  your blog is easily accessible to your tutor for assessment.

Your blog is also considered to bean outcome for this unit; think about how you can present it to the best of your ability with regards to layout, header image, font, colour scheme etc.


Task 1 Conduct research on the least two of the following:

  • Blogs
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Tumblr accounts
  • Instagram accounts

They should be fashion related, and you should aim to describe the blog/Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr account.

  1. Basic bio of the writer
  2. Layout
  3. Background/Images used
  4. Fonts
  5. Colour scheme
  6. Written content
  7. How often they post/ who's commented on the posts

    Are there any elements that you would or wouldn't use in your blog?
    Record your finding on your blog.

    Task 2 Conduct research on at least two fashion illustrators who use digital software in some way as part of their work-describe their work, and techniques and processes they've used. Also include basic biographical information and explain how they have used digital media to promote their work.

    Task 3  Produce preparation work for illustration of your own design, find templates, produce rough sketches, find and scan texture, download images, practice with & compare Photoshop tools. Aim to show how you can use a wide range of techniques and processes effectively within your work.

     Task 4 Using Photoshop/Illustrator produce a digital fashion illustrator of your own design, printed out A3 size and mounted up.


     1. Research on at least two bloggers/etc accounts TASK 1 LINK
    2. Research on at least two fashion Illustrators TASK 2 LINK
    3. Preparation work on a fashion illustration of your own design TASK 3 LINK
    4.Digital fashion illustration of your own design, printed out at A3 size  TASK 4 LINK

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