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Assignment brief

 Qualification 90- Credit Diploma/Subsidiary Diploma in Art & Design (Fashion)
Unit number and title UNIT 1: Visual recording in Art & Design
Date issued 03/12/19
Hand in deadline 1.30 pm 18/12/19
Purpose of this assignment: This assignment aims to extend learners ability to select and visually record from a range of sources in order to communicate information to different audiences, using appropriate presentation methods and for a range of specific purposes.

Scenario The theme of this assignment is the "human form". You may interpret this in any way you like but try to make sure that your work maintains clear links to both the theme and to fashion illustration.

You are asked to create an innovative fashion illustration of a figure in a garment of your choice.

Task 1 Produce a range of at least 6 Primary source illustratios. These should be at least A4 in size.

Examples could be stiched pictures of still life assemblies that you set up yourself, full figure collage studies of other people or close- up drawings of hands or feet; these should all be observational studies from life.

Task 2  Produce a range of at least 14 secondary source illustrations.

These should also be at least A4 in size. You can use any media/techniques and the source material can come from a magazine, book or the internet.

Task 3  Research the work of at least 2 historical fashion illustrators. Describe how they might influence your work.

 Task 4 Research the work of at least 3 contemporary fashion illustrators. Describe how they may influence your work.
Task 5 Review your artwork and research so far and choose one illustration to develop into a final outcome of a fashion illustration, of a clothed figure of your choice. Say why you think that is the best idea to develop as your final piece, and describe how you will produce your outcome with planning notes and/or sketches.
Task 6 Produce your final outcome. This should be at least A3 size and when finished you should mount it appropriately ready for presentation.


 1. AL 6 primary source illustrations  Task 1 LINK
2. AL 14 secondary source illustrations Task 2 LINK
3. Research AL 2 historical fashion illustrators Task 3 LINK
4.Research AL 3 contemporary fashion illustrators Task 4 LINK
5.Review of artwork and research so far, description of a planned piece Task 5 LINK
6. Mounted final outcome  

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