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Hi Reader!
My second post is here!
I am surprised with myself! REALLY!
The time it's little, as always. I feel kind of a hamster, balancing between running like a mad in the wheel and being a lazy s**t in the weirdest time of the day.

I am finishing the process of restyling my studio ( 2019 hit me hard maybe, I wanted to restyle my physical studio AND my online presence) and the shop here it' still in the making.

On the other side, my youtube channel and my first video are in process too (because I love to complicate my life, of course, there are no other explanations for this!). Plus I am going to go to Italy at the end of the month, that's it's gonna stress me out quite a bit (even if I considered this a "holiday"). At the end of this, there lies my social life... that doesn't exist for quite a long time... (winter too hit me badly, I just did work-home-studio every day for months).

So, let' s make some points! Where we are now:
Youtube channel has been made; we still need to add a description and basic info.
The first video, obvs I had announced that too early on social media, it still so far away to be done, that makes me so upset! Because my studio isn't finished yet, it can't be ultimate obvs, then my partner and I are still working on the jingle and the music on the background.

The process has been slow, first of all-cause I am terrible at this: me and rytm.. music.. recognising instruments..no I mean, I suck at this! I am death tone, no sense of rhythm. Eddy (my partner) often says: you always look like dancing to another track love! Yeah, so you figurate how it's no easy to translate what I 've got in mind for my jingle! Than our working hours are, so often, on opposite sides; plus he is busy with a big concert opening for him, so he is, as usual, swamped and worried about that. So yes it's going to be slow!

The studio doesn't need so much to finish: I am still deciding if I am going to paint one last furniture, but the horrible weather put me out with this idea.
I need to make a lovely curtain (I ve got a temporary [ehm 6 months] BLUE shower curtain, that gives me light colour's nightmares), I 've just got finally a real curtain rod (my window has a side covered by a built-in-wardrobe, and that makes few troubles, with curtain rods).
I need to finish some art, to hang on the wall of my computer working area, then the big problem:
The floor's the old wooden floor under the carpet... the only pro it's I am not scared to make any rug dirty with paint, glue or s***t of any kind.. the negative sides are so many! I lose everything between those pieces of woods! Pins, drill bits, money, jewellery materials, if I drop something, it's like the game "the-floor-it's-lava" it's gone 89% of the time forever. For the moment, I 've got few pieces of linoleum just in my sewing corner, but I have to find a cheap solution ( I am renting and yes, the agency doesn't care of my trouble with the floor).
SO, that s the studio.

The main website it's here, it needs some little more info, but we got all the collections on sale at the moment, my previous listings are here. I need to retake some shots for few items already on sale.

I am checking all the descriptions of items on sale ( the frustration of not being able to communicate the same way you are prolific in your language, oh it's sucks!) So yeah I am checking like paranoid all this stuff!

Today I have started taking shots of some of my new stud earrings, really happy with the lightbox set I have created, but still, need to retouch a bit of contrast and lights... but this it's gonna need to start another of my days off!

I m still in PJ; it's 3.30 pm no lunch yet, still got so many chores to do, oh god!
But at least I can try to save social life, going for a drink with colleagues later on!
See you next time, reader!

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