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Task 5/ UNIT 1 visual recording in Art & Design

Task 5: Review your artwork and research so far, and choose one illustration to develop into a final outcome of a fashion illustration, of a clothed figure of your choice. Say why you think that this is the best idea to develop as your final piece, and describe how you will produce your outcome with planning notes or sketches.

Researching historical and contemporary illustrators gave me lots of inspirations about fashion illustrations.

I wasn't interested so much in drawing fashion, because I am always anxious about making what I ve got in mind.

I want to draw some fabrics to practise and I want to make a tridimensional drawing using real fabric and I want to add some decorative splashes.

I did some photos of the different phases of my project

I have retraced a photo of a model from a magazine, drawing a different outfit an other face.

I have put the fabric I wanted to use for the outfit on top of a lightpad and retraced the different colours and lines of the tartan fabric, with pencils.

I have painted with watercolours legs, hands, face and hair. I used liquid golden leaf to paint the shoes and golden leaf for the blouse.

I have shaped the different parts of the outfit and glued on paper with a sealer. I have tried to give a sense of a plated skirt, cutting different stripes of fabric and glue them one slightly on top of the other.

When the outfit was dried, I have shaped a green ribbon to give the outlines of the jacket. I used another one to do the waistline of the skirt as well.

I add some splashes of liquid golden leaf and watercolours.

This piece it is my favourite by far, I am happy with the face traits, I am happy with the composition and pose of the model.

I am really happy with the results of the fabric, both pencil and real one.

I have done a frame with another A3 paper.

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