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Ideas & Concepts in Art and design - UNIT 3 Second part

Hello Reader!

I am back to update you with the second part of UNIT 3, if you miss the first part of this blogpost, here is the link: First part.

The Printed fabric arrived some days ago and it's fantastic!

Spot on for Spoonflower! They have many options and accurate description/use for each fabric. I honestly didn't have any idea of which fabric to choose for the project, especially online! I decided for organic cotton knit at the end, and I am really happy with it: it's soft and the print it's perfect!

The only con it's the price, it's a bit pricy for my pocket by the meter, but I understand because the finished quality it's high. It's not their problem, but mine! Because being a student/part-time worker makes me quite skint! But I would like to print more of my patterns and create some items for my shop using their service more often!

Sorry, I have already cut the sleeves off!

-Sorry, I wanted to show you the fabric, but I had already cut off the sleeves here!


-These were examples for the unit 3 garment, at lesson

Here is my sweatshirt project:

The project I decided for UNIT 3, it's a colourful Sonia Delaunay inspired sweatshirt, I wanted something easy to wear, casual and streetwear.
As Sonia Delaunay took visual art out onto the street and the real everyday world, I didn’t want a High fashion looking product, difficult to wear for my project.
Sonia Delaunay made incredible and colourful patterns and for this project I decided to recreate and mix together two of my favourite patterns made by her.
I decide to use a plain colour front and back for a more classic look with an explosion of colours on sleeve.

For the practical version of the project, we did a lesson learning how to draw a bodice block and how to make a bodice from your pattern.

The bodice's a kind of top garment shape, it is the base for jackets, t-shirts, shirts etc and the stile it' s kind of a 50s style.

We did it with Calico fabric and at the end, mine looked like a straitjacket!

The bodice is done, from that pattern I recreated a more sweatshirt shape alike and I start to make a mock version of it.

A mock or toile it's a prototype of the garments you want to create, I underestimated the importance of this for years, wasting loads of materials in attempts! With the mock, you can get an idea of the result of your garment and if the pattern it's correct.
After the Mock version was done, we slightly changed the shape of the sleeves and shoulders, making the collar thinner as well.
The material used for this mock it's a white jersey fabric and here are some pictures of the process:

-Please don't take this photo seriously, it's just a quick pic in the process!

The mock had some troubles around the shoulder and the sleeves were too long. The collar wasn't done in the photo yet, but it was a bit too bulky.


I have changed the sleeve length and I made the upper part (next to shoulder) larger and shorter then previous one, plus I reduced a bit the shoulder lenght.

I sewn together front and back, then sewn the sleeves.

I have made collar, waistband and cuffs with the cotton blue jersey and overlocked everything.


The Sonia Sweatshirt it is a project I liked to do and I am happy with the finishing result.
With the project done, I can understand what went well and what could be improved:
The pattern made it’s efficient, but could be improved, especially the shoulder area; I like the length of it, but definitely could be a couple of cms longer.
My fashion illustration had a slim fit for the sweatshirt, but in the middle of the project I decide will be better a baggier fit.
I swapped for a navy blue for front/back instead of black. I believe this sweatshirt can be easily matched with black/blue/yellow or pink fabric, and actually will be nice to do a different colour version.
I opted for a Boat collar instead of the classic crewneck sweatshirt collar. I like both collar version though.
The fabric I have chosen, a printed organic knit medium weight cotton fabric and a navy blue medium weight cotton jersey are perfect for the purpose, soft, light and not see-through, was a bit tricky to sewn together, so maybe next time I will use same fabric for sleeves and the rest, but it is totally makable.
This project can be transformed easily in other colours and we can do a summer version with short sleeves and lighter fabric, we can play with other patterns too, with the same concept: bold matte colour for the body, colourful patterns for the sleeves.
In the end, I am really happy with the result of my project idea and proud of it.




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