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Ideas & Concepts in Art and design - UNIT 3

I am doing the homework with you!

UNIT 3: Ideas and Concepts in Art & Design

Assignment title: Ideas and Concepts


Purpose of this assignment: " This unit aims to broaden and deepen learner skills, knowledge and understanding of creative thinking, across contemporary and historical art and design, to inform their own practice."



You are to choose one of the following art movements as your starting point, and design and make a garment for the top half of the body, using what you find as your inspiration.

  • Symbolism
  • Vorticism
  • Orphism
  • Fauvism
  • Kinetic Art
  • Dada

Task 1: Choose One of the art movements from the list above.

Research the movement as a concept, and the work of at least two artists that were a part of it.

You can expand and develop this in any way you like, and you need to show how your ideas have developed. Investigate what the artwork looks like, as well as what ideas and concepts were behind it. Show your thinking as annotated visual research and sketches.

Task 2:  Use what you find and translate it into designs for an item of clothing for the top half of the body, for menswear or womenswear SS2020. Produce illustrations of at least three alternative design ideas.

Task 3:  Choose the most successful of your design ideas and present it as a finished fashion illustration with appropriate background and both front and back views.

Task 4: Construct a prototype of your design in materials of your choice- you can use the bodice block as a starting point if you like. Take a photo of your final garment.

Task 5: Evaluate your work for this assignment for its suitability in answering the brief - try to make sure that your inspiration is clearly shown.

Task 1


Started: 1911
Ended: 1914

Around 1911, the theory and practice of Robert and Sonia Delaunay began to converge with the experimental work of František Kupka, giving birth to Orphism.
The term of Orphism got popularised by Robert Delaunay's influential article of 1912, "La lumière" and Apollinaire's description of "Orphic Cubism" in his 1913 writings on modern art.
As one of the earliest styles to approach complete abstraction, Orphism brought together contemporary theories of philosophy and colour, to create works that immersed the viewer in dynamic rhythmic form and chromatic scales.

Orphism it's based in Cubism, but with a new emphasis on colour, influenced by the Neo-Impressionists. Unlike the monochromatic canvases of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, the Orphists used prismatic hues to suggest movement and energy.

Orphism was a loosely bound group of artists with the common goals of present a vision of simultaneity and flux.

It flowered briefly in the years leading to World War I, before fading with the rise of the war in 1914.

The first artist of Chosen movement:

So I did a Sonia Delaunay essay's PDF, but unfortunately is not that readable very well here! I will put a preview picture to show how it looks like, and I will share with you some link with fascinating info about her!

PS. That's a silly thing to say, but I am proud of the graphic concept I have made with her name in the title:


I have put Sarah, Stern & Terk with red dotted lines on them, That's because Sonia born as Sarah Stern, got adopted and her name change into Sonia Terk and then got married receiving her Husband surname.


I have decorated all the background with patterns and some of the primary colours similar to her works.





Artwork description & Analysis:


Simultaneous dress (1913)


Delaunay's passion for exploring the way complementary colours (one primary with one secondary) reacted to one another, was not contained to a fine art. She boldly applied this expressive technique to areas in which artistic exploration was formerly not noted, such as the world of fashion and home décor. She eventually built a career on designing fashions for dresses, driving caps, swimsuits, shoes, and scarves. This dress is of particular importance because it was one of the earliest examples of her unique "simultaneous" dresses.

The dress is created by sewing together oddly shaped pieces of fabric in non-uniform size and colour. The colour scheme, similar to one she developed in her paintings, manages to encapsulate a full range, including all the primaries (red, blue, and yellow) and secondaries (green, orange, and purple). Black, noted in the bunched fabric that wraps around the back and the collar, is used to contain the explosion of colour. The artist designed this type of dress for her friends, most certainly enhancing the visual effect of the dancers at the Bal Bullier.

Fabric patchwork - Private collection

Here there is a vintage video of some of her creations in her atelier!


The second artist of Chosen movement: 

Show how your ideas have developed. Show your thinking as annotated visual research and sketches.

I have to create a garment inspired by an artist of the movement I have chosen, that is  Orphism. The work of Sonia Delaunay enchanted me, and I am glad that I had to research and discover this talent that I was unaware of.

So without any doubt, I would like to create a garment inspired from her beautiful patterns and colours matching. It's an overwhelming task; in my opinion, there are thousands of different works that I don't have an idea of where to start from!

I think I will retrace a pattern with Adobe Illustrator, instead of painting or patchworking on the garment, I don't have much time, and I am not sure of the final result, so I prefer to recreate the pattern and using a website printing it on fabric.

I need to choose some pattern first and then choose which material to print on.

I will add some inspiration from her garments and some of my favourite patterns she had created, as a starting point:




I have retraced three of these designs using similar colours and shapes, and I combined two of them. Here the patterns I have made:


and the combined one:

I have attempted hand-drawing silhouettes, but I wasn't happy enough with the result.

So to save a bit of time with the project, I decided to continue with the digital design concept.

I have decided on the sweatshirt:

First long half task it's done. I have ordered my fabric from Spoonflower and I hope it comes soon!
II will continue the post when the fabric is here, and I can start doing the sweatshirt!
Thanks for the company and I hope you find it interesting!

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