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I m back to school!

Hi Reader!
Few months have passed after the last blog post, and I 've got some news to share with you!
After the holidays I 've decided to enrol for school again! Surprise surprise! I surprised myself too!
I finished school in 2010-2011, ending up with a Graphic Design Diploma and moved in the UK a few months later.

I didn't want to get into university but starting to put my hand on work, and I was tired to sit on a chair.
I worked all these years in England and then enrolled for a year introduction course on Fashion in 2017.

I was a bit scary, so many years out of the school routine and the challenge of technical lessons in another language. Still, in the end, I was happy with my improvements and wanted to go further in education.

Few years passed so quickly, and I decided to go back to school again, for my second Diploma, this one in Fashion production.

The class's students are younger then me, actually I am the oldest! That's made me shyer in introductions, feeling the gap of age fitting in my already weak social confidence! But with lessons passing by, I 've started to know the others better and feeling less awkward.
I want to share with you my school updates about lessons, essay and things I'll learn!

Some Units are about doing some blogging about Fashion and co, so I 'll probably do that here!


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