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Hey you reader!

Hello to you!

First post:

Everything on here it's a working in progress at the moment, omg...! I still need to sort out lots of things!

So, let 's start from the beginning!

I am a little Italian kiddo; I mean a 26yrs girl. I moved to the UK in 2011, I still make lots of grammar mistakes, but I try my best, I swear! Sometimes I mess even with Italian grammar in the last years! Buuut...Btw..

I've always love to create since I was a kid.
I got memories of me painting with my thumbs and my nonna's flowers as paint.

With the immense happiness of my grandma, of course! u.u (sarcasm inc).

Then making things like:
-my dolls clothes, using sock, pantyhose and paper
-some ugly things with decoupage!
- pottery (I loved to do mini bunnies and little snails)
-"cartapesta" with my auntie Adele
(it's an Italian paper mache, I still remember the warmth of the glue on my fingers!)

I decided to do Graphic design at school, I love to have this kind of background, but I am sure my place can't be behind a desk of an office or working on someone else's advertising.

I love to create with my hands, but more tangibly than just in front of a screen.

I've moved to Bristol, UK, in 2011. I was just 19yrs old, such a kid, even if I felt so grown at that time! I didn't have that many projects about myself, just honestly I was kind of running away from family issues, I had the opportunity, and this was the farthest I could get, so Bristol it was!

I was fortunate to choose this city: so diverse, vibrant, green and artsy! It def inspire me so much to explore my creative side!

Money was tight so and still is, I did many little jobs and lived in different sh***y places, but always create in my spare time.

On 2016 I took courage and confidence and decided to build my brand, I m still working on who I am as an artist: I like using different channels and material and techniques and always developing my style.

I start selling at craft fairs already in Italy, and I did some in Bristol too, I 've tried to sell some items at local shops but then decided to move into online sales.

I had open my Etsy shop, at first, and just using my spare time for making items and marketing, did 30 sales around the world. Nothing, I know! It will not make me rich, I know! But it's something! Thirty people around the globe appreciated my ideas, my style, my products. That's it's everything even if not seems too much!

I 've recently moved to Shopify. I got big ideas and a youtube channel it's slowly coming out too! It's hard to try to find time for everything, but this makes me happy, and this is what I'd like to do one day, it's my passion!

I just wanted to share with you something a bit more personal as my first post, I've got a bit trapped in the stress of the creative writing (plus it always sounded better in my language!) I 've never blogged in my life, but I want to give it a go! Hope I haven't bothered you!!!

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