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UNIT 1: Visual Recording in Art & Design / TASK 1

Task 1: Produce a range of at least 6 primary source illustrations. These should be at least A4 in size.

These should be observational studies from life.


My 6 primary source drawings:






Felt-tip pen, with a continuous line, not looking at the paper.

No Picasso here, but I had fun!



First exercise with Stick&ink, a technique that consists of drawing with a little piece of wood and liquid ink.

I fell a kind of mixed sensation between a primitive art vibe and a harry potter wand covered in ink.

The result was a bit better than the other two, I have to say!



Orange felt-tip pen

Caroline, it's my teacher and I am really sorry about this terrible drawing of her!



Stick & ink

Here I had tried to draw 2 other students, TG they didn't try to kill me after!


Stick & Ink of my chubby small hands, looking even smaller!

I should practise more at hand drawing and learn how to really observe a subject. In class obviously people will move and it's a little bit more challenging than drawing from a picture. I need to practise at proportion too.

I discover that I really like to use stick and ink and I love of the lines results with this method.

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