Analysing Fashion bloggers! - Part 2 of task 1

Workshop task 1, Fashion course

Following the previous post, here there is part 2 of task 1 of my homework on analysing Fashion bloggers.
Here the task:

Choose two different fashion blogs/instagram/ Tumblr accounts and analyse them.
Try to discuss:

  • Layout
  • Background
  • Fonts
  • Colour scheme
  • Written content
  • Images used

Are there any elements that you would or wouldn't use in your blog?
Record your finding on your blog.

Second Instagram/ blog account to analyse it's 

Matty Bovan

website: @babbym
It doesn't look he has a blog so that I will analyse website and Instagram presence only.


The Instagram account follows the restricted Instagram Layout, so there is not much to say about it.

    The Layout of the website it's a fixed layout, the webpage/site it's the same fixed-sized regardless of the size of the browser window or the size of the font in which the page is written.

    It has an extensive menu section on the left and a slideshow of his logo and videos of catwalks on the right, a fixed grid with his collection pictures with a list of collection on the left, no BIO or about and the same kind of grid for his shop.


    Photos are the same between Instagram and Website, but Instagram has some more personal photos too.

    Because Matty Bovan is already in the fashion industry, most of the photos' backgrounds are photoshoot area and canvas, catwalks backstages and colours-backgrounds.

    The rest of the background are baroque mansions, urban/street and buildings, restroom/bathrooms, green and parks.

    To analyse how he uses fonts, we need to get a look at his website

    I have put together the two fonts he uses. The font used for the titles it's a hardcore calligraphic/gothic font with all capitals digited.

    I can understand the artistical intent/choice here, but it is a visual punch on readability, you can navigate by intuition trough menu titles.

    For the description of his items, he opted for an easy to read simple font; my eyes thank the choice.

    4.Colour Scheme

    It is effortless to spot the main colour scheme on his website; it's a three colours scheme:
    BLACK- For the fonts
    WHITE- For the background
    RED- Bright red accents here and there.
    Because Instagram has a default design, it's a little more challenging to catch schemes of colours, but not for his account.


    For Matty Bovan's accounts, I can notice a predominance of fluorescent/neon colours, lots of bright red accents, electric blue, few weighted black here and there, but mainly contrasting bold combination of colours, a neon-colours explosion.


      5. Images used

    We already had analysed background and colour schemes of the images used, so let's talk about the pictures themselves.

    As an artist and fashion designer, the content of the pictures it's mostly his collection, catwalks and photoshoot and magazine with interviews.

    The collections are bold, colourful and abstracts; his dresses are genius works of art.

    Other subjects in pictures are:

    Family and friends, especially his mother, backstages and some selfies.

    And I forgot to add, lots of makeup especially eye make up photos and catwalks makeup photos.

      6. Are there any elements that you would or wouldn't use in your blog?

    Conclusion of the second half: Matty Bovan it's a wonderful artist fashion designer, a young genius with tremendous and explosive creativity and there is a lot you can learn from this talent.

    First elements I could use its creativity; create, create, create express with confidence, be extravagant and fun.

    Second: Be brave with colour, don't stop on the psychologic and visible part of it, but explore how to communicate through colours to create movement and rhythm with them.

    Third: I will def not use hard reading fonts as he does.
               I will opt to add at least a brief Bio or about, at least for my case, but
               I think people likes to get a little idea of who you are.


    The task it's finished, I hope I was respectful with the work and personas behind each account I have analysed and, that I have followed all the point of the task correctly.

    Not sure if with number 6 I went a bit out of context and more meta in the point, maybe was more a question about technical aspects of the accounts! Not sure!



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